Privacy and Cookie Policy

Website www.GTMLINE.lv is the Internet homepage of GTM LINE LLC. Our details:

GTM LINE LLC, Reg. No. 40203085671

Legal address: Latvija, Rīga, Līvciema iela 55 – 58, LV-1058

Phone No.: +37122440012, e-mail: info@gtmline.lv

The privacy policy of GTM LINE LLC determines the processing of personal data carried out by GTM LINE LLC, as well as the procedure for the exercise of data subjects’ rights and settlement of issues pertaining to the protection of personal data. By proceeding to this website, you confirm that you have familiarised yourself with this privacy policy and understood its terms.

GTM LINE LLC respects the privacy of its customers and observes the requirements of the General Data Protection regulation No. 2016/679 and other regulatory acts effective in Latvia and European Union in the course of processing personal data.  

GTM LINE LLC processes and uses your personal data, including your name, phone number, address and information about the services you have received from GTM LINE LLC, for the following purposes – communication with you in the course of usage of our services and for related purposes, organisation of services for you, settlements for services, provision of services and price quotations. On separate occasions these data can also be used for application processing and company management support. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the data subject’s consent, agreement execution and performance, pursuance of legitimate interest.

Personal data are stored in accordance with the purposes of processing thereof and requirements of regulatory acts, as long as one or several of the following criteria persist:

– GTM LINE LLC pursues its legitimate interests;

– GTM LINE LLC is liable to store these data;

– the data subject’s consent to the respective kind of personal data processing is in effect.

You information will not be disclosed to any third parties unless we obtain your express consent or unless this is required by the law. If you want to view, update or remove your personal data, please send a request by e-mail at info@gtmline.lv or by mail to the address specified above.  


Cookies are small textual files that a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) stores on a user’s device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) at the time when the user visits a website to identify the browser or information or settings stored in the browser. Thus, with the help of cookies a website acquires the ability to keep the user’s individual settings, to recognize him and to respond appropriately, with the aim of improving the website user’s experience. The user can disable or limit the use of cookies, but, without cookies, it will not be possible to fully use all of the websites’ features.

Depending on the functions and purpose of use, the GTM LINE LLC uses compulsory cookies, functional cookies, analytical and targeting (advertising) cookies.

The compulsory cookies are necessary for the user to freely visit and browse the website and use its offered opportunities, including obtaining of information about the services and buying them. These cookies identify the user’s machine, however, do not disclose the user’s identity, as well as they do not collect and do not gather information. Without these cookies, the website will not work properly – for example, give user the information needed to provide the required services at an online store. These cookies are stored on the user’s device until the web browser is closed.

The functional cookies remember the user’s selected settings and preferences for the user to use the website conveniently. These cookies are permanently stored on the user’s device.

The analytical cookies collect information about how the user uses the website; find the most frequently visited sections, including content that the user chooses while browsing the website. The information is used for analysis to determine which websites users are interested in, and to improve the website’s functionality, by making it easier to use. The analytical cookies identify only the user’s device, but do not disclose the user’s identity. In some cases, some of the analytical cookies in place of the website owner, according to the instructions and only in accordance with the purposes specified, are managed by third party controllers (operators), such as Google Adwords.

The target (advertising) cookies are used to gather information about the user’s visited websites and offer exactly for the concrete user, visiting our or our cooperation partners’ services, what the user is interested in or to address appropriate offers to a specific user according to the user’s shown interest. Usually these cookies are placed by a third party, such as Google Adwords, with the website owner’s permission in accordance with the purposes specified. The target user’s cookies are permanently stored on the device.

The GTM LINE LLC uses cookies to improve the page and website user experience:

  • to ensure functionality of the website;
  • to adapt website’s functionality to the user’s usage habits – including language, search requests, previously viewed content;
  • to gain statistical data on visitor traffic, the number of visitors, time spend on a page, etc;
  • to authenticate a user;

Unless otherwise specified, cookies are stored, until the action is completed, for the purpose they are collected, and then they are deleted.
Cookie information is not transferred for processing outside of the European Union and the EEA.


By visiting the GTM LINE LLC website, the user is presented with a message window that the website uses cookies. By closing this message window, the user confirms that he has read the information about cookies, the purposes of use, cases, when the information is transferred to a third party, and agrees to them. Accordingly, the use of cookies is a legal basis for the user’s consent. If when using the page or website the user enters into a contract – the cookie processing is necessary for enforcement of contract with the user, or for the GTM LINE LLC to fulfill its legal obligation or to implement a legitimate interest.

Any web browser security settings provide restriction of cookies, and their deletion. However, it must be taken into consideration that you cannot withdraw from the use of compulsory and functional cookies, because, without them, ensuring full use of the website and a page is impossible.

For the best user experience and full operation of the website, we suggest storing cookies.

If you have any questions regarding the use of cookies, please contact us: info@gtmline.lv


On the GTM LINE LLC websites, links can be placed to third-party internet websites, which have their own usage and personal data protection rules, and which are not the GTM LINE LLC responsibility. The GTM LINE LLC has the right to make additions to the Privacy Policy, making its current version available to the Client, by placing it on the GTM LINE LLC website.